Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting is good hosting plans for those who are website developers.  The hosting plans are same as described in hosting section.

The only difference is they get 25% discount on these plans.

Reseller accounts are prepaid accounts. You can become Reseller. You need to initially fund the account with Rs.5000/- for first time.  When you fund account with Rs.5000/- then we will add Rs.1250/- (25% of Rs.5000/-) more to your account as Reseller Cashback Profit. It means – if you add Rs.5000/- then you will get (Rs. 5000 + Rs.1250)  = Rs.6250/-  Credit Amount to your account. This can be used to buy all hosting related products.

The amount can be used any time. There is no limiting time factor.

Please note that it is applicable for hosting only. For other products – like domain, ssl, email services, this is not applicable.